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This shit probably shouldn't trigger me so much but this is how we are going to destroy our civilisation. This is what I think happened:
1. First you need enemy. Just month ago 'incel' was a slang from one, small forum full of losers and trols, and as far as I know most of people didn't know/didn't care about it. It was the same category as 'oldfag' or 'normie'. But one day some retarded, underpaid prick that call himself journalist found article "20 most popular internet words your kid use and you don't understand" on buzzfeed and now we have new group of terrorists (I like to think about them as virgin-supremacists). Every boy with problems or unsuccessful adult is public enemy. He probably even understand what he did, he just don't care.
2. Next we need to use it against people we don't like - we all know that incels are subhumans but everybody hate virgins already (am I right goys?) so it's not usefull. But nothing is lost, media and celebrieties can smell a good brand like vultures and they won't let it go so they quickly creat obvious connections with most recent bad guys. This time they are without doubts the same people as those Asad-supporting, Trump-loving, free market bourgeois nazis (which  btw don't exist because they are all merely russian bots but they are also everywhere in media and government, but luckily they are losers who can't do anything right but they are going to kill all minorities and your wife's son). So now we have umbrella-term with obvious derogative meaning for everybody who we don't like. Also very useful for high-school bullies.

3. Now we need to tell our brothers and sisters in faith who they should hate this year. It's very easy because none on internet have any individual opinion any-more so they will be just repeating the same toxic trash over and over. Pic related is actually my favourite because it's not only a great example of most of those educated opinions but also a creator of twitt have special place in my heart, if someone don't know this little shit it goes something like this -  let's take someone more corrupted than american senate, with history of being opportunistic asshole worse than Anita Sarkesian and less credible than Kenye West and we have Ellen Pao, former CEO of reddit, great apologist of censorship and women responsible for AMAgeddon 3 years ago.

4. A grand finale will be creating perfect hateful, stupid comment, although any innovation is haram so the best way is to just rework some old argument of other similar group, for example good 'ol "Should women have rights to vote while they are so emotional" and we are done. Bad guys will be outrage, good guys will be outrage about bad guys, someone will lose a job, nothing will change and in next 2 decades someone will conquer poland once again. Truly a masterpiece, I wish that jews, masons or any other diabolic organisation were behind it so I could blame them instead of human stupidity and psychology of masses. 
I have very little of hope, seeing people instigating violence and social ostracism against people whose only  common denominator is not having sex actually broken me. 
That's all, sorry for longpost, I know none care so don't feel bad for not reading it. 
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